Brand Malaysia
Brand rejuvenation and visual identity program for the August 2011 reopening of Visual identity system for Brand Malaysia, a business, tourism, investment and citizens initiative for the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The aim of the project was to unite these four different segments with a cohesive look through a dynamic, optimistic, and cosmopolitan brand personality. Distinct and ownable, the Brand Malaysia mark was born out of Malaysia’s brand idea of“Endless Possibilities.” The mark is made from interlocking “M” and “Y” characters and symbolises the idea of togetherness. The star in the middle draws its colours from Malaysia’s flag and its 14-point star echoes the Federal Star, signifying unity between the Federation and the 13 member states. As a whole the interlocking diamond segments are designed to evoke the intricate geometric shapes inherent in Islamic design and architecture which is ever present in Malaysia.

*Designed as consultant Design Director for Futurebrand Singapore